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Today: Shopping, Tomorrow: Weekend *yeaH*

Today I do what every lady loves: Shopping I need some clothes for the weekend... And tomorrow it's weekend again. At this weekend I'll go to the Big-City-Beats party in Darmstadt with Marco. Because he's DJ he has some connections and because of his connections we were registered to the guest list. That's cool

It's leisure-time for me and now I'll leave the office...


29.3.07 16:49

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Isi / Website (1.4.07 11:29)
na wie war Big-City-Beats???

Angi / Website (2.4.07 16:48)
The Big City Beats Party was so cool.
I had much fun

Isi / Website (3.4.07 18:18)
that's freuing me total (: do the wg-typen sich gemeldet haben?

I wisch an angenehmen abend noch...

Angi / Website (4.4.07 10:05)
No, they didn't write me I'll call you this evening, because you are on holidays and I think we should meet

Isi / Website (4.4.07 14:09)
oh yes. sehr gerne. i'm freuing me to meet you for a Drink (:

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