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I'm at work and it's quite boring at the moment. I've nothing to do and I'm sitting here in front of my PC looking forward to the weekend.
No working, no suits, no Pumps....just normal clothes and Fun :D

Oh, I forgot...this morning I looked for an appartement at the Internet because I want to move out this year and I found many interesting offers. In Auerbach, where I live, there's an offer for a room in a WG (how does it call in english??? I don't know...). It isn't expencive and the people are in my age, thats great I wrote them a mail in hope of getting this room.


23.3.07 11:20

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Insa / Website (23.3.07 11:32)
flat sharing

Isi / Website (23.3.07 13:45)
cool (: where in auerbach? ehm could you call me at five o'clock and tell me if we could go to cinema?
lg isi

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