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A New Job At Last

I decieded to write in english because many of you can't read my texts when I'm writing in german.

I'm so happy: I've got a job at last. Before december I cancelled school. Learning was terrible and so I thought it would be better to search for an apprenticeship training position. And I found one. The training begins on the 1st of september this year. "But", I thought, "what could I do by then???". I asked the head of personnel department if I could make a work experience up to september there and they said: YES

It's very interesting to work here. I have to work with Powerpoint and Exel the whole day. At the 1st week I had no idea how to work with this programs. But now it works. I'm numerous at the PC. On the one hand that's cool because in between I can write texts on my blog like I make it now or I can write mails and so on... But on the other hand it's very unhealthy. Since I'm working here I have problems with my back. I think I should make some gym or yoga. It's good for the back, isn't it?

My mum is in hospital for 5 weeks. She got a new knee joint, an artificial knee joint because hers was broken. She went to hospital 2 weeks ago. Since then I'm alone with my brother and my father. It's kind of crazy - a woman alone with two man. I have to do the laundry, I have to clean the rooms.

Uhhm...I don't know what to write anymore. I should work a little bit and then I go for lunch to the cafeteria.



20.3.07 12:11

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Isi / Website (20.3.07 15:39)
i think you should make some gym for your back muscles in your breaks sweatheart (;

I'm looking forward to go to cinema with you at this or the next weekend. It'll be funny as usual (:

I have to left my dad's computer now........


Angi / Website (23.3.07 11:13)
So, what are you thinking about going to cinema on saturday evening? Marco will be at a party that evening and we can go to drink a cocktail or something after cinema as long as we want because this party will last very very long....


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