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Happy Easter Everybody

The weather is beautiful, pupils have holidays and it's Easter now I like Easter. For me it's a celebration of love, family and chocolate eggs of course  I wonder if I'll get some little surprises...

Today I'll colour my hair black once again. The colour from the last time is faded and that looks terrible.

Mhhh I don't know what to write. It's Easter, it's weekend...enjoy it!


5.4.07 11:55


Rats! I'm sick...

Last night I had been alive and kicking and this morning I woke up feeling so sick... I'm sitting here at the office waiting for Marco because he will drive me to the doctor. What a bummer!!! It's weekend and I'm sick...

I'll be very happy if you would diligently write comments or mails or call me, because I think that weekend will be very boring for me because I'm sick.

But maybe I feel better tomorrow. I hope so.

13.4.07 09:56


I'm at work and since yesterday I'm sitting in another office. It's so boring here. In the office I was before the people were in my age but now I'm in an office with older people...

I'm thinking of going on holiday to tunisia in august. That would be great! I've found a very interesting offer on ebay:

Tunisia, 4* hotel, 1 week, twin room, flight, transfer from the airport, all inclusive for 325 € apiece.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...!

18.4.07 11:14

Men. Hate them or love them?!

Hi cuties...this words are for all women like me who don`t know if to hate or love men. And of course for all men who wonder how we think about them...

More often than not men are just marbly. Too marbly for us sensitive women. Most women trust men blindly. But do they deserve our confidence? We are too starry-eyed.

Mostly men exude ignorance, coldness, strength and sanctity. But deep inside they are so vulnerable, warm-hearted, weak...

But what should we love? Their inside or their outside? And what should we hate? Their inside or their outside? What overbalances? BUT: Should we love them at all??? 

Many questions and no answers.

19.4.07 21:38

Moving out 

That's a bad piece of news: I have to move out as soon as possible. If someone wants to know why, just write an email to me and I'll tell you.

Marco and me, we'll go to Paris in June for 4 days. I think it will be great!

Okay, I should work a little bit.

23.4.07 11:38