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A New Job At Last

I decieded to write in english because many of you can't read my texts when I'm writing in german.

I'm so happy: I've got a job at last. Before december I cancelled school. Learning was terrible and so I thought it would be better to search for an apprenticeship training position. And I found one. The training begins on the 1st of september this year. "But", I thought, "what could I do by then???". I asked the head of personnel department if I could make a work experience up to september there and they said: YES

It's very interesting to work here. I have to work with Powerpoint and Exel the whole day. At the 1st week I had no idea how to work with this programs. But now it works. I'm numerous at the PC. On the one hand that's cool because in between I can write texts on my blog like I make it now or I can write mails and so on... But on the other hand it's very unhealthy. Since I'm working here I have problems with my back. I think I should make some gym or yoga. It's good for the back, isn't it?

My mum is in hospital for 5 weeks. She got a new knee joint, an artificial knee joint because hers was broken. She went to hospital 2 weeks ago. Since then I'm alone with my brother and my father. It's kind of crazy - a woman alone with two man. I have to do the laundry, I have to clean the rooms.

Uhhm...I don't know what to write anymore. I should work a little bit and then I go for lunch to the cafeteria.



20.3.07 12:11


I'm at work and it's quite boring at the moment. I've nothing to do and I'm sitting here in front of my PC looking forward to the weekend.
No working, no suits, no Pumps....just normal clothes and Fun :D

Oh, I forgot...this morning I looked for an appartement at the Internet because I want to move out this year and I found many interesting offers. In Auerbach, where I live, there's an offer for a room in a WG (how does it call in english??? I don't know...). It isn't expencive and the people are in my age, thats great I wrote them a mail in hope of getting this room.


23.3.07 11:20

Today: Shopping, Tomorrow: Weekend *yeaH*

Today I do what every lady loves: Shopping I need some clothes for the weekend... And tomorrow it's weekend again. At this weekend I'll go to the Big-City-Beats party in Darmstadt with Marco. Because he's DJ he has some connections and because of his connections we were registered to the guest list. That's cool

It's leisure-time for me and now I'll leave the office...


29.3.07 16:49