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Paris has been wonderful.

We walked on the top of the Eiffel Tower. We had seen the french Metropolitan, the Champs-Elysées, the triumphal arch, the Moulin Rouge, Sacre Coeur and we were in the Louvre where you can see the Mona-Lisa.

It had been really nice. But the city is so crazy. I hate the way the people drive their cars and some of the people there are looking very mysterious.

11.6.07 13:51

Thursday to Sunday: Paris. But: Don't feel like going to Paris. Help!


I'll go to Paris with Marco from Thursday to Sunday. But I really don't feel like going there with him. There's a lot of stress in my life in that time. I've got time for NOTHING. But the Justin Timberlake concert last week was wonderful. We've taken a lot of photos. Justin is so HORNY....

4.6.07 16:08

Hey People...

Ow...! My eyes hurt so much  Last week I was at the oculist on this account. I already wear glasses but I noticed that it helps no longer. The oculist said that my eyes are worse now. Mh. I'll buy new glasses.

Do you like Justin Timberlake? Yes? So do I. And I bought cards for the concert on Tuesday in Mannheim for Marco and me. And when he doesn't feel like going to that horny concert with me I will take along Isa


22.5.07 15:31

A glorious mess!

Everything acts up currently.

Marco's dad is in hospital. Noone have expected something along those lines.

We'll go to holiday park next weekend. But only if his dad is fine. We want to have a wondeful day there. Without any problems. I'm looking forward to that day...

Tomorrow is a football match in Frankfurt. Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Alemannia Aachen. We're having cards but we don't really feel like going to that match in such a situation. The bad thing is that noone want to buy the cards. But if we'll forfeit the cards it's too bad about the money...

4.5.07 11:40

Moving out 

That's a bad piece of news: I have to move out as soon as possible. If someone wants to know why, just write an email to me and I'll tell you.

Marco and me, we'll go to Paris in June for 4 days. I think it will be great!

Okay, I should work a little bit.

23.4.07 11:38

Men. Hate them or love them?!

Hi cuties...this words are for all women like me who don`t know if to hate or love men. And of course for all men who wonder how we think about them...

More often than not men are just marbly. Too marbly for us sensitive women. Most women trust men blindly. But do they deserve our confidence? We are too starry-eyed.

Mostly men exude ignorance, coldness, strength and sanctity. But deep inside they are so vulnerable, warm-hearted, weak...

But what should we love? Their inside or their outside? And what should we hate? Their inside or their outside? What overbalances? BUT: Should we love them at all??? 

Many questions and no answers.

19.4.07 21:38


I'm at work and since yesterday I'm sitting in another office. It's so boring here. In the office I was before the people were in my age but now I'm in an office with older people...

I'm thinking of going on holiday to tunisia in august. That would be great! I've found a very interesting offer on ebay:

Tunisia, 4* hotel, 1 week, twin room, flight, transfer from the airport, all inclusive for 325 € apiece.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...!

18.4.07 11:14

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